May 2016: Flotsam: Revisiting My Losing Season

"When Pat Conroy died, I picked up My Losing Season again. His book made me relive my final college season, which probably explains why it had been nearly seven years since I last read it. Like Conroy, at the end of my senior year I promised myself I’d “never think of that pockmarked, quicksilver year.” I lied. Read more

March 2016: Follow the Boom

"None of the guys I’d talked to — reckless roughnecks, seasoned veterans who’d ridden out the boom-and-bust cycle before, clean-shaven company men who exuded a corporate coolness — could describe what it was like to approach every day of work not knowing if it’d be your last." Read more

February 2016: Bearded

What's it like to compete in the National Beard and Moustache Championships? Read more

October 2015: The Surgeon's Stitches 

What does it take to be a heart surgeon? Read more

September 2017: It's Hoopfest, Man

Every year, an aging star returns to play in the world's largest outdoor 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Why does he keep coming back? Read more

January 2017: Considering the Lobster with Dahsan

How do you write about a lobster festival when David Foster Wallace did it already? Read more

October 2016: Back to School: My Fakahatchee Strand

"Look, I never wanted to be one of those washed-up college basketball players returning to campus, years later, chasing a life that had long since outpaced me. In college, I believed I was forging a past unworthy of reliving. But on September 23, 2016, four years removed from my last college game, and after an eight-hour drive from New York, I pulled into Oberlin College on the eve of the alumni game and headed straight to the gym." Read more

July 2o16: The Incident: My Basketball Selves

How do you confront the most shameful version of yourself? Read more

June 2015: Fadeaway — a profile of Justin Tatum, the father of one of the top high school basketball players in the class of 2015

"I wanted to know what it was like to be the man whose son may very well fulfill the dream he never quite could. And I wanted to know how Tatum coped with his failure, if only so that I could learn something about how to cope with my own." Read more

July 2014: Over the Hill

"What’s really fascinating about the end of an athlete’s career is not his decline; it’s what comes next." Read more

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July 2014: Open Gym All-Star

"I spent my entire basketball career trying to fulfill dreams I had conjured up on long solitary nights in the gym taking phantom defenders off the dribble and launching jump shots over imaginary outstretched arms. Those dreams remained in the forefront of my mind, as they always did, when I arrived at the gym two hours before my final college basketball game as a member of the Oberlin College Yeomen. Our record of seven wins and 17 losses placed us 9th out of 10 teams in the North Coast Athletic Conference and eliminated us from postseason contention for the fourth year in a row. My fellow seniors and I were guaranteed that this game, to be played against the perennial powerhouse Wabash College, would be our last." Read more

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